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Tennis Visitors

At all times, visitors are the responsibility of the member who has invited them.

Individuals invited by a member to a ticketed Club function do not require a guest voucher.

Competitors in open tournaments are deemed to be visitors for the duration of the tournament and do not require a guest pass. Such visitors must sign in at the main gate and may only use those facilities particular to the tournament.

Members of visiting teams are deemed to be under the responsibility of the relevant host team and again do not need a guest pass. If the visiting team wishes to bring any non-competing visitors, the Club must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.

On entry to the Club, at the gatehouse, match managers of opposing teams are required to provide a team list. Any individual not included on this list (player or spectator) will not gain access to the Club.

Dress Code

  • Players must be dressed in tennis clothing with each item at least 80% white.
  • Shirts may carry a discreet motif, but not a slogan of any description. Plain white T-shirts may be worn.
  • Coloured tracksuits, coloured sweaters and similar garments may be worn throughout the game during winter months (October to April inclusive). Clothing worn underneath track-suits must comply with the ‘whites’ dress code if the tracksuit is to be removed.
  • During the summer months (May to September) players must be dressed in tennis clothing with each item at least 80% white (including hats and sweatbands) at the start of the court session.
  • Capri / mid-length bottoms will be treated as shorts if above the knee and as tracksuit bottoms if on or below the knee.
  • Lycra undershorts may be worn, but must either be white or fully covered by the outer garment (shorts / skirt).
  • Tennis shoes must be 80% white and must be recognised tennis shoes.
  • Tennis shoes worn on the indoor courts must be clean and dry with non-marking soles.
  • Pimpled grass court shoes are not permitted on grass courts as they cause damage to the surface.
  • Sun visors and “baseball” caps must be white in summer (May to September inclusive). Coloured caps or warm hats may be worn during the winter months only (October to April inclusive).
  • Children (who would normally be under the age of 6) taking part in organised mini aces tennis (in the MUGA or a squash court – not on a tennis court or outdoor mini tennis court) may wear coloured clothing. However, they must wear clean dry non-marking shoes if indoors.
  • Any member not complying with the above regulations may be asked to leave the court. This includes guests and visitors. In such circumstances, guest fees and coaching fees are not refundable.
  • Members are required to wear recognised tennis shoes and tennis clothing when using the Practice Wall.

Please note, white tennis clothing is available for sale or hire from the Sports Office and Racquet Centre Reception.

Car Parking

A car parking fee will apply to any vehicles with spectators only, it will not affect players.