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Squash Visitors

At all times, visitors are the responsibility of the member who has invited them.

Individuals invited by a member to a ticketed Club function do not require a guest voucher.

Competitors in open tournaments are deemed to be visitors for the duration of the tournament and do not require a guest pass. Such visitors must sign in at the main gate and may only use those facilities particular to the tournament.

Members of visiting teams are deemed to be under the responsibility of the relevant host team and again do not need a guest pass. If the visiting team wishes to bring any non-competing visitors, the Club must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.

On entry to the Club, at the gatehouse, match managers of opposing teams are required to provide a team list. Any individual not included on this list (player or spectator) will not gain access to the Club.

Dress Code

  • Predominantly white clothing, including shoes
  • Black soled shoes or training shoes are forbidden
  • All shoes must be clean and dry for play


  • Players using the squash courts do so at their own risk
  • In case of an emergency, please inform the fitness centre reception
  • Visitors are advised that valuables should not be left unattended in the changing rooms, and are advised to use the lockers provided
  • The Club accepts no responsibility for any losses
  • No chewing gum on court
  • In accordance with Squash Racquets Association (SRA) rules, squash goggles must be worn when there are more than two players on court
  • In accordance with SRA rules all players under 18 years-of-age must wear squash goggles for coaching and club events
  • It is recommended that all beginners and players under 18 should wear squash goggles at all times

Car Parking

A car parking fee will apply to any vehicles with spectators only, it will not affect players.