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Golf Visitors

At all times, visitors are the responsibility of the member who has invited them.

Individuals invited by a member to a ticketed Club function do not require a guest voucher.

Competitors in open tournaments are deemed to be visitors for the duration of the tournament and do not require a guest pass. Such visitors must sign in at the main gate and may only use those facilities particular to the tournament.

Members of visiting teams are deemed to be under the responsibility of the relevant host team and again do not need a guest pass. If the visiting team wishes to bring any non-competing visitors, the Club must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.

On entry to the Club, at the gatehouse, match managers of opposing teams are required to provide a team list. Any individual not included on this list (player or spectator) will not gain access to the Club.

Hurlingham Local Rules

  • All shots from the tees should be played from the artificial grass mat
  • A ball lying on any road, path or flower bed, including the ivy to the right of Hole 8, must be lifted and placed not nearer the hole – penalty of one stroke
  • A ball lying amongst bulbs or daffodils – free drop
  • The areas comprising the lake or inside the enclosure surrounding the swimming pool are classified as water hazards
  • Tennis courts 19-22 and grass courts I,J,K (Little Wimbledon) are out of bounds
  • A ball played on to a croquet lawn, bowling green or tennis courts not specified above, must be lifted and dropped without penalty or played with a putter
  • Winter rules apply, ie the ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed not more than six inches from its original position (no nearer the hole)
  • Where holes cross, players playing the highest numbered hole have right of way
  • Avoid, as far as possible, walking across the tennis courts, croquet lawns or bowling greens
  • If the ball lands behind the netting on holes 4, 6 and 9, it is deemed to be out of bounds
  • If the ball sits in the foot of the netting on the green side of holes 4, 6 and 9, the netting may be treated as a temporary hazard and the ball lifted and placed no nearer the hole without penalty
  • The car park behind the 7th green is out of bounds- the line is delineated by the yew hedge. If the ball rests in the hedge, or on the soil under the hedge on the green side, the ball may be lifted and dropped no nearer the hole incurring a one shot penalty
  • If a ball enters the ivy on the right of hole 8 and is found but is unplayable, a penalty drop no nearer the hole is permitted
  • If there is doubt about the ball being found in the ivy on the right of hole 8, please take a provisional ball at time of teeing off to avoid holding up play
  • Men over the age of 18 may not use woods
  • Trolleys are not permitted
  • All divots must be replaced and pitch marks repaired
  • No putts to be given in Stableford competitions

Car Parking

A car parking fee will apply to any vehicles with spectators only, it will not affect players.