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Sustainability News

5 September 2019

Recycle Your Used Ink Toner Cartridges At the Club

Have you always wondered how to dispose of your used ink cartridges in an environmentally responsible way?

Now you can, at the Club.

We are pleased to let members know that we now accept used printer ink cartridges which we will then recycle for you.

Please bring your old cartridges to Main Reception and leave the rest up to us.

All we ask is that:

  • you do not include any boxes (you can place your cartridge in small bags if necessary)
  • you do not include toner bottles, ribbons or Epsom inkjet cartridges

We send the cartridges to the Dogs Trust who then claim 100% of the value made from the recycling .So not only will you be helping the environment by recycling your cartridges but you will also be helping a great cause at the same time.

If you have any questions about the scheme then please email our CSR Officer, Alex King, here.


1 September 2019

The Hurlingham Magazine Compostable Packaging

By now, the autumn edition of the Hurlingham magazine should have hit your doormat. The packaging it arrived in may have looked a little different this issue…

As part of the Club’s pledge to become more sustainable and environmentally efficient, we have changed the traditional plastic wrappers to a compostable alternative.

Made using mainly potato and maize starch, these wrappers can be disposed of on any compost heap, in a household garden waste bin or a household food waste bin. Please do make sure you dispose of this wrapper in one of these places to support Sustainable Hurlingham.

We are also pleased to let you know that it is not only the wrappers on the magazine which support our eco-friendly endeavours. The company we use to print the Hurlingham magazine is committed to sustainability and is one of a small number of FSC and ISO 14001 certified eco printers in the UK. In simple terms, this means they are regularly audited to ensure their printing processes comply with international standards of efficient environmental management. They use paper from sustainable forests, recycle their printing plates and only use vegetable-based inks. I’m sure you will agree that these are all excellent ways to support our plan of Sustainability at Hurlingham.