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We aim to proactively minimise any impact our organisation has on the environment and actively find new ways to heighten the importance of environmental sustainability in all areas of business.

The Hurlingham Club works hard to promote and sustain an environmentally friendly venue space for clients, guests, staff and the local community. As a professional and environmentally friendly organisation, The Hurlingham Club acknowledges the impact operations may potentially have on the environment and is working to successfully reduce these across all areas of the organisation.

Fruit and vegetables are supplied from Red Tractor certified suppliers, ensuring inspection on standards from farm to packaging. The suppliers are also ‘Local to London’; part of the network of food groups and businesses committed to promoting regional goods across London and the South East of England.

Meat is certified as ‘safe and local supplier approved’ and all sourced from within the UK including rare breeds from North Yorkshire and Scottish produce from farms in Aberdeenshire. Produce is packed in recyclable packaging where possible and transported in lower emission vehicles.

The Club’s suppliers of seafood and fish are also committed to sustainability, sourcing from areas where fish are not endangered. Fish is caught using responsible fishing methods and compliance is demonstrated to all relevant national and international regulations.