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Throughout the year, access to the Club grounds is usually from 6.15am until 15 minutes after the Clubhouse is secured. The Clubhouse’s usual opening hours are from 7.30am to 11.15pm each day, except Sundays and public holidays when it shuts at 10.15pm.


Main Reception

Open daily from 9am to 9pm (7.30pm Sundays) main reception, located in the west lobby off the horseshoe car park, can assist with any general enquiries.

Bookings for Club events, social activities, children’s parties in the playhut, snooker bookings and Dining Room reservations are all taken here.

Games, including chess, scrabble, backgammon and sets of boules, are also available and may be borrowed for use in the Clubhouse and grounds.

Tel: 020 7610 7400


WhatsApp: 07388 375981

Membership Office

Located on the first floor, up from the east lobby, the membership office is usually open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm, excluding public holidays.

All enquiries relating to the Club’s rules and bye-laws, subscriptions, proposals and updating of membership records are answered here.

Tel: 020 7610 7467


Committee Room

When not in use, you may escape to this room and enjoy terrestrial and Sky television, conveniently located on the first floor up from the west lobby. However, major sporting events are also often shown in the Polo Bar and such occasions are promulgated in advance.

The committee room also benefits from wi-fi and network sockets, for those bringing their own laptops to the Club. (However, you will need to bring your own network cable for connection).


Reading Room

Along the corridor from the committee room, on the first floor up from the west lobby, the reading room provides an alternative to the drawing room, conservatory and long gallery, for quiet contemplation.

This room can also be hired for private parties and meetings and, like the committee room, has wi-fi and network access.


IT Room

Unlimited use of the wi-fi and the four computers within the IT room are free of charge, however printing is at a minimal cost of 10p per page. In consideration of others no food or drink is permitted and at busy times usage is restricted to one hour.

The IT room is located on the first floor, opposite the membership office.


Club Website

The Club website features a private account area for Member only use. If you wish to set up your account for the first time, please refer to the step-by-step guide.



The Club benefits from a number of retail outlets, where gifts, accessories, sports apparel and equipment can be purchased.

The Sports Pavilion

This facility stocks a wide range of tennis clothing, from a variety of well-known brands as well as a selection of garments bearing the Club’s crest. Also available are tennis shoes, rackets, a re-stringing service and a range of gifts and accessories.

Fitness Centre

Displayed in the fitness centre reception are an assortment of swimming shorts, costumes and goggles.

Main Reception

Main reception can help you with gifts and accessories, from the Club diary to a teddy bear or an array of key rings to one of the Club ties.

Tel: 020 7610 7500

Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre Opening Times

Weekdays 8am to 10pm
Reception & Indoor Pool 8am to 9.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 8am to 8pm
Reception & Indoor Pool


8am to 7.30pm

These hours are reduced between Christmas and New Year.

Tel: 020 7610 7483

Racquet Centre

Weekdays 8am to 10pm
Reception 8am to 9.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 8am to 8pm
Reception 8am to 7.30pm

Tel: 020 7610 7450

Club Card & ATM

Club Card

Travel light when visiting the Club by taking up the club charge card. Enjoy the peace of mind of a membership card that gains you entry into the grounds and charges all purchases made within the Club to your own individual Club account.

Accounts are settled on a monthly basis and have a limit of £1,500, however this can be reduced should you prefer!

To apply for a club card, download, complete and return the forms below to the accounts deparment.

For more information, contact the accounts department on 020 7610 7424.


A cash machine can be found in the gym corridor, which connects the horseshoe car park and the Four In Hand yard.


Family Room Log Cabin

The family room is now situated within the log cabin. On days when the British weather does its worst, everyone in the playground can retreat inside the log cabin, with its selection of soft play toys and a comfortable seating area for parents.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and the family room is usually open from 9am till dusk.


Children’s Playground

tree-houseLocated alongside Chestnut Avenue, the children’s playground is a sure-fire solution for entertaining all children, and plenty of adults, providing hours of exercise and fun.

The playground is dedicated to encouraging fun through a variety of physical challenges, testing:

  • Strength
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Nerve

With the children fully occupied, we hope it will also be the perfect place for parents and grandparents to relax, knowing that their children are safe and happy.

Over the years, particular features within the original playground have earned members’ affection and those that are still safe have been retained. The challenges provided by those that have been removed, are reflected in the stunning new designs that also respect the natural feel of the old playground.

The playground is split into different zones according to age and ability. However, it should be stressed that none of the areas are mutually exclusive, except where reasons of safety dictate.

Toddler Zone

Situated at the far end of the playground, near the crèche facility, the Toddler Zone is contained by a boundary fence, reassuring parents the little ones are safe within this zone, if that is their wish.

The highlights of this space include:

  • Log train, adjacent to
  • Little painted house, now a signal box
  • Pergola house
  • Sand pit, with mini-excavators
  • See-saws
  • Slide
  • Springy jeep
  • Swings
  • Wobbly sheep

Other small items have been retained and nearby benches with picnic tables allow parents to relax and enjoy their lunch.

Water Play Area

A cleverly designed zone with a variety of interactive hand pumps and spouts, allowing children to play with water without the risks associated with standing water, such as infections. The existing metal fence around the area has been retained, so that access and getting wet is supervised!

Adventure Play Zone

climbing-forestThe most innovative and daring part of the design, the Adventure Play Zone challenges children to climb from one side of the playground to the other, across a rope tunnel, without their feet touching the ground. At any point, the option of re-entering the ‘climbing forest’ remains. The capacity of the ‘forest’ to occupy many children at once, is also a major part of its appeal.

Other highlights include:

  • Cable way ‘zip wire’
  • Climbing walls
  • Nest swing
  • Spider net
  • Tree houses

All these features contribute to making this new area one of the most complete climbing forests in the UK.

The playground has been built to conform to the highest safety standards. The equipment will be regularly checked for damage or faults; however parental supervision will be required at all times. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please adhere to the playground’s rules and regulations.

Playground Kiosk

Easter 2010 saw the opening of a new catering outlet in the children’s playground, serving hot and cold drinks, and cold snacks.

Adults can keep warm in the winter months with hot coffees, teas and infusions or kick back with a chilled glass of wine or a beer in the summer. For the children, a selection of soft drinks, confectionery and ice creams should keep energy levels buzzing!



Housed in the playhut at the end of Chestnut Avenue, the crèche’s opening hours vary on a daily basis, so you are best advised to check with the fitness centre reception for up to date details.

Catering for children aged 12 weeks to five years and for a period of up to two hours in any one day, your child is guaranteed a fun-packed time. There are plenty of toys to keep all ages amused and occupied, and activities such as soft play, creative arts and dressing up.

Criminal Records Bureau

Fun, safety and care are the golden rules and, as with all the staff supervising or working with children at the Club, the team of trained child minders are CRB checked.

Tel: 020 7610 7483


Children’s Parties

Why not take the strain out of hosting your child’s birthday party and let the Club do the work for you!

Swimming parties can be booked on any weekend throughout the year via the fitness centre reception on 020 7610 7483.


Lost Property

To claim any lost property, please contact the department where the item was mislaid:

Clubhouse 020 7610 7400
(excluding sporting areas)
020 7610 7452
Sports 020 7610 7483


Car Parks

Entry by car is available via the main entrance off Ranelagh Gardens; the Broomhouse Lane entrance is pedestrian access only.

The main car park for the Clubhouse is the horseshoe car park, located near main reception; however there are a number of other car parks throughout the estate – as shown on the map below.

Please note that members and guests park their vehicles in the Club grounds entirely at their own risk. There is a peacock at the Club who has been known to peck and cause damage to vehicles, particularly during the summer months.



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dog   Dog Hitching Posts (please note, dogs must stay on their leads at all times while on Club grounds)